Our Mission

To assist underrepresented and economically disadvantaged students in Kenya, Africa in achieving their potential through primary and secondary education.  The objective is to increase educational access and academic success by overcoming financial, academic, social, national, and cultural barriers.

  •  Education
  •  Community
  •  Generosity
  •  Purpose
  •  Teamwork
  •  Creativity

Message From our Director

Many of the endemic difficulties in the world stand to adversely alter the future welfare and liberty of people. Often, these difficulties arise from barriers that prevent access to educational opportunities. It is the Foundation’s belief that many societal problems require generational shifts in knowledge and will be eradicated only through education. Through education, and informed reasoning, decisions of policy can be altered to reflect the best interest of people.

In Kenya, the obstacles to universal primary education include school fees, books, materials and school uniforms. The Foundation is committed to providing educational opportunity to the underprivileged and underrepresented population in Kenya and to include them as participants in a global shift for greater understanding and compassion.

Michelle Bianchi Kenya 2014

How you can help

Just call us at (207) 691 0913 to get involved